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Farm Life For Kids

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Message For The Parents

Due to early brainwave changes, science has proven the learning stage between ages 0-7 is one of the most important of our lives. Max Rhymes takes advantage of this learning period by teaching core values, creating a positive belief system, increasing reading retention and creating higher self-esteem, all through the power of rhymes. 

All games and information on the Max Rhymes Club site, as well as all other Max Rhymes sites, always follow the theme of core values in which the Max Rhymes Series was created.

  • The Max Rhymes Club is a 100% safe site for children of all ages.
  • All games will be 100% non-violent.
  • No games will have any negative connotations or undertones.

Our mission is to provide games which provide education, thinking, problem solving, coordination, dexterity, etc.

By playing games, watching videos, and/or downloading Max Rhymes materials, you accept all terms & conditions.

Who We Are: 

  • Jackie is a 33 year credentialed elementary school teacher pushing for change.
  • Todd is a behavioral science researcher and writer with a passion to help kids.
  • Our team of volunteers are a diverse group who care about kids and the Max Rhymes Mission.


  • “Max Rhymes is a powerful tool to help children reach their full potential.” Dr. Bruce Lipton, PhD. Best Selling Author, Biology of Belief
  • “If you are looking for books that will delight your kids while teaching them virtues in a memorable way, read them MAX RHYMES.”  Jack Canfield, Best Selling Author, “Chicken Soup of the Soul Series”
  • “The values and virtues, along with the positive self-image Max Rhymes teaches in these books, are exactly what every parent wants their child to learn.” Lindsay Smith, LCSW. Founder of Therapy Center.
  • “These are important life skills to support a child’s overall social and emotional health.” Arisve Rodriguez, LCSW
  • Thousands of Educators, Parents and Grandparents worldwide!